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Rexallsro 110 Cap | EU and CH | Old School | Ch Balance | PVE


Knight / Captain
2 Şub 2021

Hey you! Stop here and take a look. Should be interesting.

The Grand Opening will be on 14.01.2021

Until the grand opening you can Register and Vote4silks

• Introduction

In Rexall Online our aim is to make everyone happy and let players enjoy everything we can offer ranging from
our custom npc's, quests, coins, etc to everything for new things that has changed in our server.
Rexall Online is based on 11D [110Cap] and is both CH&EU, with CH being more balanced with new skills to be good like or more then EU characters.

About Rexall Online
We have created a server that would suit all kinds of people, whether you are working, studying or
busy you will not fall behind. Silkroad player community nowdays is mainly made up of older people as a
game this new things does attract any new faces thats why we tried to balance everything so even if you are
unable to play for most of the day, etc you can still become one of the best in the server as long as you
know how to play and if you do not our support team will gladly help you and answer all of your questions.

• Grand opening
The grand opening of Rexall Online will be 14/01/2021, This will give us some times to fix all things.
well and the server is ready to work at its fullest. If any changes will be made you will be informed!

"We took time to find fun in the game and thought about the simple things and the additions we can do to make the game more fair and not to distract the players"

• Cap | 110.
The cap 110 is a fantastic cap that everyone loves and is nice to play in for longer as lower caps come to an end whilst higher caps can keep on running for long.

• Race | CH&EU.
It was difficult for us to strike a balance between the Chinese and the European races, and we found many difficulties, but that did not stop us from balancing it. We have made the Chinese race legendary like the European race so that we can be fair between the two races

• Mastery .
The Chinese Race Mastery is 440(Skill with |CH| balance),
The European race will have 220 Mastery levels.
Party Exp
Alchemy Rate
Drop Rate
Drop SOX
CH Balanced
Guild & Union Emblem
Capture The Flag
Battle Arena
Honor Rank
Forgotten World
New Unique's
Magic Pop

• Alchemy Rate

• Rexall Online Main Town | Jangan/Alexandria

We have remove all F10 items and every silks items from F10 can be founded on jangan npcs. We wait all of you with nice new things !

• Rexall Online New NPCS

•Honor Rank is now more interesting , cuz we added new NPC and you can buy nice things with the honor points!

•Start Items.
"We wanted to make the start a little easier and smoother for you guys, that’s why we put a little starting gift in your newly made characters, you’ll find them in your inventory when you log into a new character! Keep in mind that they’re neither store-able nor trade-able"

• What do you need to know about awaken system.

Pergament from akeru . You can write awaken in the bot and select to pick all of them.
Talisman A from holy water temple
Talisman B C from Job Temple and Roc
Talisman D (protector/accesorry) from new unique .
And a answer for that "What i do with this awaken system?"
You can craft(create) egy A items

• Max Plus | +13 with [ADV +3].
it's good to make the last plus in server [+10] no adv , the low plus is good for a cap like this , and it will be fair and the damage will not be overpowered.

• PC Limit | 4

• About Trade :
this is very important because only from here can you get Water Coin . And you can do some money

After the trade is done you will recieve a number of water coin.
The currency trade rate is average. If you make one trade of 80m you will recieve approximate 500m.

• Fortress.
The Available Fortress is Jangan
Aswell as more players will need to battle to get Jangan and it wont be as boring. Later on more fortresses might be added for sure.

• Max Stack.
We've increased stacks for most important item's in our server like 50-10.000

• silk per hour.
We have silk per houer 1 for players who get lvl 90+ ,
Also ,afk users wont get rewards.

• Auto Equipment .
"Auto Equipment for ever new members is a mandatory things who all svrvers should have! "
Auto Equipment From (1d~9d)
Auto equipment system gives +12(Full Blue Stat 100%) from Dg 2 to dg 8 +7 Full blue 100% Seal of Sun and from 9 dg give Normal Full blue +7.
This system works like charm ( if you make a new lvl you must teleport and all done [Also we have anti-cheat system you can't sell the auto-equipment untill 80+ you will get stuck) .

We have Job's, daily Quests , daily Events ...

•Rexall Online Quests

Quests are the basic things that must be available in any server in order to achieve everything that needs to be enjoyable in the server
But many may hinder the players in some other activities so we put ourselves in the place of the players and we chose 4 ~ 7 tasks that can be completed daily which will give you items/resources

•Rexall Online New Uniques!

At every normal unique you can get 1~5 silk

•Unique System [Drops]:

We have new Uniques in new areas to make the sevrer different like basic servers.
Main Uniques Drops
Normal Uniques
0-7 Basic Coins​
New Uniques
0-3 Fire Coins , 0-7 Basic Coins, 0-2 Immortals , 0-1 Verry Rare, Talisman Awaken D.​
Holy Water Temple
0-3 Gold Coins, 0-1 Fire Coins, Talisman Awaken A.​
Job Temple
0-6 Fire Coins, 0-6 Gold Coins, ADV Weapon [+3] 0-1 Verry rare , Clock PET 0-1 , Lucky Magic Powder 2-5 , Immortals 1-3 , Talisman Awaken C-B.​
ROC With low HP and DMG
0-8 Basic Coins , 0-4 Gold Coins, 0-4 Fire Coins, , Immortals 0-3 , Talisman Awaken C And other damage phy scrool​
0-7 Basic Coins , 0-3 Gold Coins, 0-3 Fire Coins, Verry Rare, Immortals 0-2, Talisman A other damage phy scrool​

•Skill Parts


/ / / / / /







Auto Events

•1-Trivia (daily)

questions and answer Winner will win Rexall Online coins as reward.

•2-Alchemy event (daily)
a notice will be written to let people know that there is an alchemy event starting
after register period is over the bot will give a player a certain item that a player will have to plus / plus to

•3-Lucky global (daily)

When the event starts , the bot will start saving the written globals
then select a random player to be the winner.**

•4-Survival Job war (Weekly)

Weekly Event which is about killing each other wearing job suits , each kill=1 Point, When a player reach the 40 kills the event will end and the winner will get 200 Silk

•5-Rexall Online Pvp war (Weekly)

This will be a war between party's which wear's the same cap
reward is amazing

•6-Kill The [GM] (Daily)

After teleporting to the room where the [GM] is, all players have to wear the same pvp and start attacking the [GM], The Player With the Last attack that kills the [GM] will be the winner

•7-PVP 1 VS 1

a notice will be written to let people knows there is a pvp event
after the registration period ends the bot will select random players to play against each other.


The bot will write a mathematical equation in a global then the players have to solve it
first one who solve it will be the winner.

•9-The most wanted

When the events starts, the bot will recall all registered players to the event place
then will select a random player to be the most wanted one in the server,
All they have to do is killing that one, and he have to escape from them, or hiding inside a safe zone
till the event finish

10-Unexpected order

After starting the event, bot will recall registered players to the event place
then will order them to do something, the first one who obey the bot will be the winner

Hope all Enjoy it!


26 Eyl 2020
Guildiniz falan var mı? yabancı bir servera başlayalım.
Yok solo takılıyorum. Sağlam Türk guildi olan yabancı ve yeni açılan bir server arıyorum. Enteresan eventleri anlamadığımız bilmediğim etkinlikleri olmayan, temiz sade bir server. Ayrıca pc limiti olmazsa güzel olur :D